Editing is a BIG DEAL

when it comes to your final images!

Once your amazing wedding or session is over we will start working on the 2nd half of our commitment to you, the EDITING! We take pride in our CUSTOM in-house editing!


WHAT IS EDIT-to-Style? 

Basically, CUSTOM EDITING! Some people are drawn to light and airy images that have clean, muted and desaturated tones. Others are obsessed with a dark + moody feel where images are full of deep, dark tones and some extra grain. Our natural edit is in the middle - rich + vibrant with deep color and tone! Before your wedding or session we will figure out which style(s) you are drawn to so your images are authentically YOU! see below! 



light + airy

rich + vibrant

dark + moody


TIP: Think about the longevity in the look and edit of your photos. Photo editing styles and filters are evolving and changing so quickly - especially, on Instagram and social media! Editing trends that are super popular today like matte finishes, cinematic styles, overexposed, over sharpened and ultra high contrast will be obsolete before we know it. What looks new, trendy and different now - will be dated before you know it! Just keep that in mind;)

light + airy

Imagine the difference in the feel of your photos and the mood each style creates! Do you always like one particular style or does it depend on the location, light or subject in the photo?


 Have you chosen a pastel color palette that screams for a lighter, romantic, airy feel? Or, have you chosen rich fall colors that want to be a little moody?

Don't worry! About a month before your wedding, when most of the details are arranged, we will have your pre-wedding consult. Here we will go over your visions for the day and complete a form that will tell us which style(s) you gravitate towards. 

Most clients trust us to do our thing, but it's always nice to have a little input! Right!?

rich + vibrant

dark + moody

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