Sunset kiss at Genesee Mountain Park in Golden Colorado
Sunset kiss at Genesee Mountain Park in Golden Colorado

It's amazing how quickly an entire Summer can fly by - it's been a trying and full of some really hard times as well as some really amazing and beautiful moments! Blogging got completely away from us but it's time to get back on track with Mimi + Matt's absolutely stunning wedding in Golden, CO.

Mimi + Matt met in undergraduate where they both were officers of a pre-health student organization and had overlapping hours. When we first started talking Mimi + Matt were living in Alabama and then Pennsylvania, as well as looking at houses, moving across the country and planning a destination wedding. So many things at once! So glad they made the decision to have their wedding at Christies of Genesee. Frank + Kerri the owners are truly awesome and I highly recommend them for anyone in town or planning a destination wedding in Colorado!

One of my favorite things about their day was the First Look before the ceremony. The location and the lighting was absolutely perfect and Matt's reaction to seeing Mimi for the first time was priceless! They chose to do a private first look and then their couples and family pics right after. We managed to get all the formal photos done before the ceremony so they could really enjoy the reception time with their friends and family. We highly suggest this for couples that LOVE the idea of a first look and as an option for anyone concerned with time on their wedding day. Check out their first look pics as well as some of our favorites from this magical day!

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